dilluns, de novembre 20, 2006

Future Travel Agencies

We are only a few years away from looking at travel agencies differently as we do today.

I remember being a little child and whatching TV at my grandad's home. I couldn't reach the device and when I asked for changing the channel, the answer was a denial. Later, as soon as I grew up enough to handle it by myself, I was banned. There was a generational divide. I preferred to choose among different channels, adpat the volume to each situation, etc. while my grandparents wanted to have everything tuned with a fixed standard and the only thing they cared about was the on/off switch. It had nothing to do with being a child or an adult: there was a new technology and children adapted sooner than oldies.

There are a lot of technologies today younger generations know much better how to benefit from. I remembered this when I discovered the following video on Hotel Blogs :

Look at the main issues commented:

- Price student packages
- Feel cheated
- Stop wasting my time
- We know what we want
- DIY = best value
- I don't use travel agencies anymore
- Travel agents = information centers
- Interaction between youths

I found this so interesting that I have proposed a poll.
Do you want to participate? Express yourself here!

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