dimecres, de novembre 08, 2006

An experimental change

Dear friends...

Yes, this is me, Carme! The same person, nothing changed! Nothing happened to my tongue! :-) It's just that I decided to try a slight change in this blog.

Why? First of all we must consider that conversation in the blogosphere really is a complex thing. Moreover, I realized that sometimes what you say could benefit others.

But, how did this come up? Last week, I discovered coComment, a tracking system for comments allowing to tag them. I sent them a request for assistance with forgotten tags and the answer is now blogged. It might help other people wishing to tag older comments. Tags can help us not only because they make my comments searchable but also they allow me to keep track of issues I'm interested in.

So what's my point? My sources, links and comments are multi-language, according to the author choice, but how could I organize my own blog to follow such a conversation up? Some people have multi-language blogs, like Iñaki, with posts in English and Spanish, and it doesn't look bad, so I will follow him and will start with two languages. I will use Catalan, my first language, for my posts about private stuff while I'll post in English, Internet's pidgin, about more general issues.

I will assign an additional tag to every post with the chosen language, so that everyone coming here will have the option to read only the posts written in one language (see direct links at the top-right corner). I'll do the same with comments and as soon as comment feeds with tags work I will add them here.

Depending on the experience and feedback, I will phase further changes in... let's see!

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Stephanie ha dit...

Hi Carme! I've been in the realm of multilingual blogging for many years now. If you ever move to wordpress, I've written a small plugin which allows you to provide each post with a small excerpt written in "the other language". I'm using it on my blog Climb to the Stars.